Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Repetitive Day

Wake up. Eat Some bites of Matt's leftover toast. Brush teeth. Wash face. Decide what to wear. Drink water. Take vitamins. Make a lunch. Grab my things. Get in the car. Get out of the car at nearest bus stop. Buy a coffee. Wait for the bus. Check my e-mail. Check facebook. Check Twitter. Get on bus. Sleep or read on bus. Get to work. Turn on computer. Make tea. Check e-mail. Respond to urgent requests. Move on to other items. Say hi to people. Everyone is always good. Feel Hungary. Start snacking. Listen to music. Listen to TED talks. Continue on with daily tasks. Eat lunch. Call friends and family or read or sleep or eat with co-workers. Work more. Drink more tea. Eat more snacks. Work. Leave work. Get on bus. Talk with friends or read or listen to music. Get off bus. Meet Matt. Think about food. Make food and/or buy food. Eat Food. Watch t.v. or have a drink or hang out with friends or putter around the house and/ Internet. Take bath. Brush teeth. Blog. Go to sleep. Repeat.

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  1. http://www.savagechickens.com/2007/08/eight-steps.html